Terms of Service

Return Policy

The reason these returns are strict is because you’re typically also buying access to content that you can use immediately upon purchase before the course begins.

Scope of Practice

I am a Yoga Health Coach. I help you commit to simple healthy habits. I help you stay accountable to your wellness goals. I provide you the information and the guidance to cultivate healthier daily habits. I am also a certified yoga teacher. I am not a licensed health care provider. I do not engage in patient diagnosis or the practice of medicine. Similarly, I am not a counselor or therapist. If in doubt, please ask for clarification. I do my utmost to make it clear when I am offering an opinion and when I am delivering facts. If you are unclear during your coursework with me, it is your responsibility is to ask for clarification. If you have questions regarding your pharmaceutical prescriptions, herbal prescriptions, or other medical advice, see your doctor.

By accepting these terms, you acknowledge your responsibilities in working with me.

• I understand that Colleen Hieber is a Yoga Health Coach. She is not a Medical Doctor (M.D.) and not qualified for Medical Diagnostic and treatment procedures.

• The services offered by Colleen Hieber are at all times restricted to coaching, consultation and evaluation on the subject of lifestyle and healthy eating guidelines. These services are intended for the maintenance and optimization of general health and do not involve diagnosing, prognosticating or treatment of disease.

• I am consenting, on this day and any subsequent visit, solely on my own behalf.