• What

    A Yoga Alliance, 200 Hour teacher Training program completed over the course of one month (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm) with the last week done retreat-style in San Miguel de Allende Mexico 💃🏽.

  • When & Where

    Entire training runs August 1- 30, 2019. We'll be at Spectra Yoga in Costa Mesa, CA from August 1- 24 and head to Mexico from August 25 - 31. 🇲🇽

  • Why you want IN

    This is a full immersion into all things yoga with guest teachers and local field trips to experience all styles of yoga including Anusara, traditional Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, and Bikram, a one day Beach retreat, sound meditation, acro yoga in the park, non-dual Tantric philosophy, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Yin yoga, aerial yoga, and more!

Pricing options

$500 deposit reserves your spot in the teacher training.
$3,950 Early Bird Price until April 30th, 2019
$4,250 Regular Price
Pay your deposit here or in person at Spectra Yoga. Once your deposit is made, you will get full access to the online program content.

About the Program

  • Hours at Spectra Yoga in Costa Mesa will be Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm
  • Includes a membership to Spectra Yoga for August & September 
  • Option to add someone to your free membership for just $120 for two months
  • Mexico retreat will be to Unesco Heritage Site, San Miguel Allende. A beautiful, well-loved, historic city that brags a temperate climate, safe streets for walking and enjoying culture, and easy travel for westerners. Take a look


  • How is this training any different from all the other ones out there?

    (Besides the obvious - It includes an amazing retreat and you'll be done in a heartbeat!) One thing I know about teacher trainings, is there are a LOT of them. Big studios churn out endless teachers that sound like they're robotically repeating the phrases of their corporate brand. Not here. Here you won't be handed a set sequence to teach, you won't be required to believe in any particular philosophy, and we have zero interest in turning out endless teachers who all sound the same. We don't even care if you teach! The priority here is on learning. But we will ask you to be discerning, to work hard to know why you make your choices - not just in how you practice a certain yoga pose - but in every aspect of your life. All of our teachers have different backgrounds in yoga and you will be able to choose from which perspective to teach. You will learn from them all and decide which resonates with who you are, and more importantly, who you're becoming.

  • How can I make time for this?

    Another thing about trainings is that they're never convenient (or cheap! see next FAQ). Our lives are busy, stressful, complicated, you name it... and that will probably never change (real talk!). The best piece of advice I got when trying to figure out how I was ever going to take my first training was, "Just make it happen." Make it happen. Start to imagine what "support" would look like around this. Who can help with childcare? Taking off work? Helping with dinner? Picking up some responsibilities for just this month? Ask the people who have a vested interest in your happiness, who believe in you (read: don't look for support from someone who poo-poos your dreams). Who might want a favor repaid with some free yoga lessons 😊?? Just start talking. This is how magic happens.

  • How can I afford it?

    Trainings are never cheap. They're VALUABLE. They're worth so much more than money spent. A better question is can you afford not to? What is it worth for you to have a life with less stress? Less anxiety? Less fear? And how much would you pay to live with purpose? Peace? Deep self-love? Think about all the ways you spend money that don't deliver lasting happiness - shopping, alcohol, dining out, beauty treatments, the latest gadget, entertainment, expensive vacations.... One thing people can't foresee before they take a yoga training is that they won't spend money on those things like they used to. After this training, you'll have access to an experience of yourself that holds its value - felt as compassion, love, joy, and purpose. Need help with financing? We have a payment plan. Want more help? Let's talk.

  • What if I'm just not sure?

    No one has ever finished a training with me and regret doing it. As the lead for this intensive, you will spend most of your time with me and I will teach you what I know: precise alignment, unsurpassed clarity in cueing movements of the body, the art of weaving philosophy into the physical yoga, and how to dedicate your life to spiritual evolution. This is not just a job for me - it is my life. And besides, you already love yoga. It's worth your time, your money, and your commitment. Let's do this!

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Weekly Agenda

  • 1
    • You're IN 🙌🏼
  • 2
    Week 1~ August 1-2 : Chanting. History & Styles of Yoga. Intro to Ayurveda. Intro to Meditation. Intro to Sanskrit. Chakras. Basic Anatomy. Pranayama. Teaching Skills
    • Weekly Agenda
    • Readings
    • Poses
    • My Practice
  • 3
    Week 2 ~ August 5-9: Pranayama. Yoga Sutras. Ethics. Sequencing. Anatomy Guest Teacher. Teaching Skills.
    • Weekly Agenda
    • Readings
    • Poses
    • My Practice
  • 4
    Week 3 ~ August 12-16: Field Trips week! Class styles in Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Bikram. Sound Meditation. Singing Bowl lessons. Escape to the Beach Day. Bhagavad Gita. Teaching Skills.
    • Weekly Agenda
    • Readings
    • Poses
    • My Practice
  • 5
    Week 4 ~ August 19 - 23: Yin. Acro Yoga. Yogalates. Aerial. Prenatal/Postnatal. Transitions in sequencing. Practice Teaching. Biz of Yoga. Yoga on Social Media.
    • Weekly Agenda
    • Readings
    • Poses
    • My Practice
  • 6
    Week 5 ~ TEACHER'S RETREAT ⚡️ : Universal Principles of Alignment. Energetic Loops in the Body. Non-dual Tantric Philosophy & The Art of Theming. Teaching Inversions & Heart Openers. Deeper into Ayurveda & Alignment off the Mat. Teaching feedback.
    • Welcome to the highlight of your training ✨