Resources Outline

  • 1
    • Orientation
  • 2
    Prenatal Massage
    • Living in Orange Count, CA? Then go see Javier!
  • 3
    Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist
    • Postnatal Rejuvenation Class by Whitney Sippl
  • 4
    Birth Trauma and Recovery
    • Birth Story Medicine by Pam England
  • 5
    What to bring to the hospital
    • Personal bag packed
    • Items for the car
  • 6
    How to write a birth plan
    • coming soon
  • 7
    Post-partum care for mom
    • coming soon
  • 8
    Childbirth classes
    • Bradley Method
    • Hospital taught classes
    • Find a Doula
  • 9
    Breastfeeding support
    • coming soon
  • 10
    • more soon


  • How will this help me with my pregnancy?

    After being a part of literally hundreds of pregnancies, I have been able to hear the questions, see the struggle, watch moms find the right resource or specialist. And many times watch them not find the help they need, wonder if their situation is unique and feel alone. This free program instantly gives you access to a list of specialty providers, online tools and a community where you can ask questions, share and be on this journey with other moms.

  • What sort of resources?

    You name it, that topic has come up and hopefully, we have some help. If you're into yoga, you may have already noticed that finding a specialist who aligns with your philosophy around health and body can be challenging. These people are your people!
    - Chiropractic care
    - Prenatal massage
    - Pelvic floor physical therapist
    - How to write a birth plan
    - Birth trauma and birth-story-medicine
    - What to bring to the hospital
    - Post-partum care for mom
    - Breastfeeding support
    - Childbirth classes

  • How does this community work?

    While this program is free, you need to sign up so that all the resources and more importantly the private discussions can be private to the group members. There is an online place to ask questions, share information and connect with other moms. The goal is that moms can share things they learned or things they wish they knew about during their own pregnancy as a chance to help newer moms.

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